[well anim=”swing” class=”testimonial-section” ][tblock title=”CLIENT TESTIMONIALS”/][testimonialgroup ][testimonial title=”Julia Bramble” position=”Freelance Blogger” company=”Keeley & Lowe Ltd” photo=”https://votesforcontests.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/16-150×150.jpg”]Thanks for that, we can now rest easy and have a good holiday knowing that you guys will be working for me instead. Thanks a million to you and your team, we are VERY impressed with the service and will spread the word whenever we can.[/testimonial][testimonial title=”Mark Hodges” position=”Strategic Network Planner” company=”Latcham Direct” photo=”https://votesforcontests.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/20-150×150.jpg”]May I add that the reason I prefer votes for contests and why I recommend you to business colleagues and personal friends is that you offer a genuinely friendly, helpful service and – shock of shocks in this impersonal e-world – actually reply to emails! (on a Saturday evening!!!) and will even answer the phone and explain things patiently… even to us e-newbys. Your level of service is superb, rare and genuine. Please don’t change! No need to reply… just a quick compliment on a wet Sunday morning! Hope to do business with you again.[/testimonial][testimonial title=”Ronald Kent” position=”Personal Trainer” company=”Ironwell Companion” photo=”https://votesforcontests.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/18-150×150.jpg”]I can’t remember when I last sent a commendation to a company, but I have just been so impressed that I feel that it’s due. From start to finish your service has been more than excellent. The phone is answered immediately and everybody I have dealt with has been friendly, professional and on-the-ball whether the issue has been sales, technical or invoicing. Any problem which has cropped up has been dealt with immediately. I have had dealings with all sorts of companies on the Net and I can say without a doubt that you people are outstanding. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and whenever i need any type of voting service you can be sure yours is the company I’ll choose![/testimonial][testimonial title=”Federico Bertolani” position=”dj & Producer” company=”Nameless Official ” photo=”https://votesforcontests.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/14-150×150.jpg”]I just wanted to send a note to say that I am continually impressed by the excellent service that votes for contest provides. The few times I have requested support from you guys it has been fast and efficient. It makes a pleasant change to deal with a company that takes pride in providing a first class service. I have no problems at all recommending your company. Keep up the good work and thanks for all your help so far.[/testimonial][testimonial title=”Lara Jaber” position=”Fashion Designer” company=”Glimpse Creative Design & Print Ltd” photo=”https://votesforcontests.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/15-150×150.jpg”]Support Executive Ashley Wright is a wonderful asset to votes for contests. she took time out to research on my behalf and then helped me win my contest in just 2 days . Ashley’s knowledge of her services and ability to match these to our needs certainly made a big difference when compared to other sales people i’ve encountered . She was pleasure to do business with . I will tell all my colleagues, networks and friends to Votes For Contests . Thanks Ashley[/testimonial][testimonial title=”Robert Martinez” position=”Web Marketer” company=”Dakse Enterprises Ltd , Oklahoma City” photo=”https://votesforcontests.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/1-150×150-1.jpg”]I want to thank Votes For Contests for all the help! They went above and beyond to help me when the contest I was participating in had too many problems. They provided a custom work-around so I could use their services with my contest. I received a big NO from all others, but they stepped up and really helped when I needed it. Thank you so much. I would recommend to anyone you use them without any hesitations.[/testimonial][testimonial title=”Franko Heke” position=”Singer , Songwriter & Producer” company=”New Zealand” photo=”https://votesforcontests.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/3-150×150.jpg”] I have been using Votes For Contest’s service for the last three years. I have had three successful contests. I ended up as a winner all three times . He is always there to answer my questions whenever I enter any contests[/testimonial][/testimonialgroup][/well]


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