How To Win ANY Online Contest ?

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How To Win ANY Online Contest

Wanna Win ANY Type Of Online Contest ?? Have you participated in any contest and need more votes/likes for your entry? If so then you have come to right place At the Right Time …Just Continue Reading And By The Time You End Up Reading This article , I’m Sure You’ll Have A Sure Shot Method To Online Riches .

Please Read Carefully And Then Act Accordingly In Order To Win Lots And Lots Of Online Gifts,Prizes And Cash Like Me .

My Secret Revealed
So you’ve entered in a contest And Now you Need To Win It …Continue Reading For My Personal Secret Tips And Tricks…

Hello Everyone ,

I’ve participated ( And Won ) In More Than 150+ Small And Big Contests Till Date …And Today I’ll Reveal My Secret Ways,Tips And Tricks To Win These Online Contests . If You Go By Regular Ways Its Quite Hard To Compete With People Who Get 100’s And 1000’s Of Votes In 1 Day .
( We’ll Learn How To Get Them Later On ) .

IMPORTANT :- Follow My Guide Step-By-Step And I Can Guarantee That You’ll Thank Me For The Rest Of Your Life 🙂

STEP 1 :- Choosing Of Contests ( A Small List Of Do’s n Don’ts )

Enter Only Those Contests Where You Know Organizers Are Trustworthy Enough .
Enter Only Those Contests That Have A Hefty Winning Prize Involved . ( Small One’s Might Not Be Worth Our Time .)
Do NOT Enter in Sweepstakes . They Are A Waste Of Time .
Do Not Enter Contests That Do Not Show Vote Count .
Always Stay Connected With Organizers .
Once You’ve Selected And Entered A Contest …Go To Step 2

STEP 2 :- Few IMPORTANT Things To Check

Check The Deadline ( The Exact Timing Upto The Last Second , Proves Very Handy In Dying Moments )
Check The Number Of Entries Allowed Per Person.
Check The Entries Already Enrolled ( The lesser The Number Of Entries , Your Chances Of Winning Are Higher )
Check The Terms And Conditions ( Don’t Cry In End , If They Bust You On Basis Of
TnC’s )
Check The Rules And Eligibility Criteria’s

STEP 3 :- Enter With The Best Entry

Get As Creative As You Can While Submitting Your Entry , Try To Submit The Best You Can And If Multiple Entries Are Allowed Then Submit As Many As U Can .

STEP 4 :- Getting The Votes ( The Crucial Part )

You Might Be Wondering Where Is The Secret ??? Well This Is Where Veronica Douglas Comes Into Play . You Might Do Everything As Mentioned Above , But Still Not Be Able To Get Votes . Now You Have The Option To Take The 2 Diverse Roads ( Both Explained In Detail Below )

Now It Depends Only on You To Decide Which Option Would You like To Choose . No One Will Tell You Which To Go For .As Both Methods Have Their Pro’s And Con’s.
1st Is Exchange Method ( The Hard , Time Consuming And Tiring Method )
What Is Exchanging Of Votes ?
Its Like You Vote For Me And I Vote For You Type Of System .

Where To Go For Exchanging Votes ?
Go To ( The 2 below Mentioned Websites )

1 ) Link 1 ( Best Exchange Forum – Most Active ) ( )

2 ) Link 2 ( Most Active fb Group For Vote Exchange ) (

Note :- You Will Get Votes Very Slowly By This Method .

2nd Is Buying ( The Easy , Time Saving And Relaxing Method )

I Have Bought From Over 10 Buyers And Have Found Out The Best In The Business . ( Revealed At Last 😛 )
The others proved Scammers, Time Wasters, Unprofessional individuals Not Able To Deliver Required Numbers On Time .

By Now You Might Be Curious What Is This Company And Why This Company Only ???
The Name Is Votes For Contests 

Why ???
1 ) They Are An Established Group Of Professionals .
2 ) Knows Their Business Very Well .
3 ) Are Available 24 x 7 x 365 .
4 ) Can Handle Any Numbers (Large Or Small ) .
5 ) Can Spread And Distribute The Votes As per Your Requirements .( As Slowly As 1 Vote Per Hour ,Very Helpful For Some Contests )
6 ) Can Monitor The Contests For You .
7 ) Its Easy To Reach Out To Them And get Instant Replies For All Queries .
8 ) The Only Providers Of Quality Votes .
9) Always Over-delivers , Provides Discounts To Frequent Buyers Like Me .
10) Have A Website And Online Store For Placing Orders .

Others Are Much Cheaper Then Why Votes For Contests ???

You Get What You Pay For . Its As Simple As That , They Charge For The Service They Give And You Won’t Be Disappointed Once You Contact Them .
In Voting Quality Is Very Important , Suppose You Get Cheap Votes And Get All Votes From Some Shitty Facebook profiles Like Ckjhcnn lcjndnd , KJHFBFB FNJBFNBV , JustinJames, Mohhammad -al-amin Etc Without Profile Pics And Without Any Activity And Having 0 Friends .
( The Organizers Will Kick You In 1 Second If They See This )

Its Not The Same With Votes For Contests , They Take Time In Creating Each And Every Profile And Here You Can See The Reason For High Cost’s .
I Don’t See Any problem Because I End Up Making Twice Or Thrice Of What I Invest With Them .

Reason’s For Avoiding Other’s :-

  • Unable To Spread/Distribute .
  • Inability To Deliver On Time .
  • Not Able To Deliver Required Numbers .
  • Unstable seasonal Individuals Working From Home For Part Time $$$
  • Unable To Monitor Projects On Your Behalf .
  • Lack Of Required Resources .
  • Inability To Switch And Change Ip Addresses ( Required In Some Contests )

An Obvious Question Would Be How Do I Know So Much ??

Well The Answer Is I Have Experienced It All Over The period Of Last Four And Half Years Myself And Have Seen All Ups And Downs , Good’s And Bad’s of Online Competitions.

Note: The Methods Mentioned Here Are Of My personal opinion And Not Taken From Any Website Or Books .
Please Do NOT copy and paste this article anywhere else .

That’s Basically All You Need To Win All Your Competitions . In Short :-

1) Place Your Order At
2 ) Sit Back And Relax
3 ) Watch Yourself Crossing The Winning Line With Ease .

I’m Sure After Reading The Above Article You’ll Now Be Willing To Participate And Win In More And More Competitions and you’ll be well on your way to Winning Easily.

Good luck!
Source : My Personal Experience
How To Buy Votes At

1 ) Visit

2) Read The FAQ’s

3) Contact Them On LIVE CHAT For Any Guidance or Help You Need

4) Successfully Place Your Order .

Good Luck !
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