[well anim=”fadeInRight” ][tblock title=”Fun Facts”/][row][one_fourth][sblock type=”stat” title=”Founders” icon=”fa-user” count=”2″/][/one_fourth][one_fourth][sblock type=”stat” title=”Team Members” icon=”fa-users” count=”25″/][/one_fourth][one_fourth][sblock type=”stat” title=”Projects Done” icon=”fa-check-square-o” count=”5477″/][/one_fourth][one_fourth][sblock type=”stat” title=”Martinis Consumed” icon=”fa-glass” count=”1462″/][/one_fourth][/row][/well][well anim=”fadeInLeft” ][row][accordiongroup ][accordion title=”When you will start work ?” ]Once we receive your order and payment, We will start your work in few hrs.( Ranging from 1-3 hours ) [/accordion][accordion title=”I need votes, but want the Votes to be spread out. Is it possible with you ?” ]YES , Its possible with us. For Example You Purchase 1000 Votes And Want Those Votes To Be Spread Over 10 Days , We Can Do That For You .[/accordion][accordion title=”I need Urgent Votes, Can you provide me ?” ]Contact us using our contact us page or live chat option . We can provide up to 5000 votes in 24 hrs.[/accordion][accordion title=”In which type of contest you can provide me votes?” ]We Can provide Votes For 99% Of the Contests . (still if you are not sure you can submit your link and we will check by adding some test votes .)[/accordion][accordion title=”How can I pay you?” ]We Support Almost All Modes of payment Methods Like paypal,western Union , Skrill, E-cheque’s, VISA , Master Cards, American Express, Netteller, And All Types Of Debit And Credit Cards .[/accordion][accordion title=”How I know you guys are safe, Your Company is Legit and I will not scammed by you guys?” ]We Have Been providing Voting Services For 7 Years Now Without A Single Complain , You Can Check our Past Customer Reviews .[/accordion][accordion title=”How do I send you the Instructions/URL?” ]Once you have made the payment you can send us the Instructions/URL to us on Live Chat Or email us . We will also email you to confirm your order and ask for your Instructions/URL to begin the project.[/accordion][accordion title=”How long will it take to complete my order?” ]Delivery time varies on the service you have ordered and product you have selected. (If you are in hurry and want your order to be completed faster then please contact us before making order or you can Buzz us on Live Chat. We will tell you if we can complete your order in required time or not.)[/accordion][accordion title=”Do you provide any guarantee to make me winner of the contest?” ]NO, We do not provide guarantee that you will win the contest. We will simply deliver you the committed quantity on package ordered. You need to make your own calculations that how many & in how much time you would require the votes/likes to win the contest. So we are not responsible whether you lose or win in anyway.[/accordion][accordion title=”If I get disqualified from contest for purchasing likes/votes then will I get refund?” ]No, We will not be responsible whether you get disqualified, lose or win in anyway as it would be your decision to buy likes/votes. We will simply deliver you the committed quantity on package ordered. We don’t get share in the prizes won by our customers, similarly we will not be responsible for sharing any loss caused to our customers. But we deliver all the votes safely by using Unique IP’s and we take all the required measures to make to vote as realistic as possible.[/accordion][accordion title=”What if my votes get deleted after you complete my order?” ]If your order was completed by our team and your votes get decreased/deleted later on then we will not be responsible for it as we did our job with hard work and we don’t take our votes back, there must be some problem with your contest organizers. We suggest you to contact them for the same. So we can’t issue refund or deliver votes again unless you place a new order with us as it will require the same amount of effort.[/accordion][accordion title=”What contest votes/photos you will not accept?” ]Normally We can deliver votes to any contest but there can be some exceptions so it depends upon contest to contest and for photo likes, we cannot do likes on private photos as such photos can be liked only by friends. So You need to provide us with URL of Public photo.[/accordion][accordion title=”Will the Votes be from Unique IP Addresses?” ]That Depends on The Product You order.[/accordion][accordion title=”Is there any way that my profiles to be banned from using this service?” ]NO. We only relay on hand made work on your account, we don’t use any kind of robot to deliver likes, we don’t break any of Facebook’s Terms of Service, so there is no risk in having your account banned. Please check our other satisfied clients testimonials to see our services are 100% safe.[/accordion][accordion title=”Will likes/votes come from Real accounts?” ]All the likes will be from 100% Real accounts and active Facebook users. Contest votes will be done from Real looking accounts. All the votes are done Manually without using any software.[/accordion][accordion title=”At what speed will my photo receive likes?” ]As these will be from 100% Real accounts and when we start our massive promotion, likes start coming at very fast speed.[/accordion][accordion title=”Will I receive an email when I place the order and when my order gets completed?” ]Yes, We try our best to send you an email when we receive your order and also when your order gets completed. But it’s not guaranteed, sometimes emails might get missed due to heavy workload but your order will still be processed. Please note it might take 6-24 hours for us to send you email after you make payment or after your order is completed.[/accordion][accordion title=”Will these likes stay on my photo for long time?” ]Our likes will stay on your photo as long as the contest is active or photo is not deleted by anyone.[/accordion][accordion title=”Can I get votes on multiple entries in single order?” ]We accept only 1 entry per order. If you need votes on more entries then you will need to place separate orders for separate entries. So in 1 order you can provide us with any 1 entry on which you need votes and we will get started on your order.[/accordion][accordion title=”Is it possible to upgrade the package by paying the difference between previously ordered and required package?” ]Unfortunately, It’s not possible to upgrade the packages once the order has been placed. If you need more votes then you will need to place new order of the required package.[/accordion][/accordiongroup][/row][/well]

[well anim=”fadeInUp” ][tblock title=”Still Have Questions ?”/][row][contact tel=”+1-727-493-5682″ email=”VotesForContests@gmail.com” /][/row][/well]