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Our services

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  • Lots Of  Services Available

    Choose From A Wide Variety Of online  Services

  • Working Contact form

    Contact Us Whenever You  Need Us ( 24 x 7 x 365 )

  • Friendly Support Agents

    We have A Team Of Support Agents To Help You With All Your Needs

[/two_third][/row][/well][well anim=”lightSpeedIn” class=”vertical-tab-section” ][tblock title=”HIGHLIGHTS”/][tabgroup position=”vertical-tabs-box” ][tab title=” Daily Reports & Updates ” icon=”fa-bar-chart-o”]We will send you daily reports and updates on the starting and ending on the project with numbers, counts and screenshots  . We will also send you timely reminders about your position , ranks , competitor’s positions , rules , deadlines and also keep a watch on your opponents on your behalf. So basically after placing your order  you relax and our team will do all that you had to do till now  . Just sit back and watch yourself winning.  [/tab][tab title=” Qualified Team” icon=”fa-users”]Our Team of Owners, Admins , Managers , Support staff & Workers Are highly qualified and efficient in performing their roles ,duties , tasks and projects within given time frame and as per the client requirements . We thrive to work for 100% customer satisfaction and that is the sole reason we have been a ever growing and successful company for a period of 7 long years and counting.
Due to such highly talented bunch of guys , we are able to provide best quality and we more than often end up over-delivering the projects & well before time ! [/tab][tab title=” 24 x 7 x 365 Service ” icon=”fa-clock-o”]We are available to help you 24 hours a day , 7 days a week and 365 days a year . We work day and night only for our buyers and clients. Our Team is available to help you round the clock , we don’t have any off days , no Sundays are holidays , we see no difference in weekdays and weekends , no holiday season , no off season , no excuses …100% customer targeted Top Notch business services available and off course we charge an equivalent  fee for that  . . [/tab][/tabgroup][/well]

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We pride ourselves on getting things done right. That doesn’t mean we’re perfect, but when we make mistakes we fix them.

If you’re not happy with your order get in touch with us and we’ll either organize a replacement, provide you with a store credit or give you your money back.

[/accordion][accordion title=”Refund Policy” ]We follow a no questions asked refund policy , so if your order is undelivered or is less delivered or is not delivered in given time frame , you can claim a refund and we will issue you a full / partial refund based on circumstances without any questions being asked from you . [/accordion][accordion title=”Secured Paypal Payments” ]All the transactions and payments are processed through Paypal which offers 100 % safety and security to all the online transactions entered into by  buyers and sellers. [/accordion][/accordiongroup][/well][/one_half][one_half][well anim=”bounceInLeft” class=”skills-section” ][tblock title=” WORK AREAS”/][progressbar meter=”95″ style=”progress-striped” title=”Facebook Application Votes” /][progressbar meter=”88″ style=”progress-striped” title=”Email Registration Votes” /][progressbar meter=”73″ style=”progress-striped” title=”Unique IP Based Votes” /][progressbar meter=”85″ style=”progress-striped” title=”Single Click Voting” /][progressbar meter=”80″ style=”progress-striped” title=”Youtube Based Votes” /][progressbar meter=”91″ style=”progress-striped” title=”Comments Based Votes” /][/well][/one_half][/row]
[well anim=”rotateInUpRight” class=”float-image-section” ][tblock title=”Frequently Asked Questions”/][row][one_half]Buy contest votes[/one_half][one_half][tblock title=”Have Questions ?? Check Out The Frequently Asked Questions .”/][accordiongroup ][accordion title=”When you will start work ?” ]Once we receive your order and payment, We will start your work in few hrs.( Ranging from 1-7 hours )[/accordion][accordion title=”I need votes, but want the Votes to be spread out. Is it possible with you ?” ]YES , Its possible with us. For Example You Purchase 1000 Votes And Want Those Votes To Be Spread Over 10 Days , We Can Do That For You .[/accordion][accordion title=”I need Urgent Votes, Can you provide me ?” ]Contact us using our contact us page or live chat option . We can provide up to 2000 votes in 24 hrs.[/accordion][/accordiongroup][button color=”btn-info” size=”btn-lg” link=”http://votesforcontests.com/faqs” icon=”fa-question-circle” target=”_blank” ]Read More FaQ’s[/button][/one_half][/row]

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  • Youtube Related Services
  • Home To All Online Needs
  • Song/App Downloads
  • Safety And Security Of Information


  • Ever Increasing Online Popularity
  • Get Heard By Millions
  • Photo Contests
  • Better Search Engine Optimization


  • Email Us Whenever You Need
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Top Notch Customer Support
  • Long Term Business Relationship


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[well anim=”swing” class=”testimonial-section” ][tblock title=”CLIENT TESTIMONIALS”/][testimonialgroup ][testimonial title=”Julia Bramble” position=”Freelance Blogger” company=”Keeley & Lowe Ltd” photo=”http://www.votesforcontests.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/16-150×150.jpg”]Thanks for that, we can now rest easy and have a good holiday knowing that you guys will be working for me instead. Thanks a million to you and your team, we are VERY impressed with the service and will spread the word whenever we can.[/testimonial][testimonial title=”Mark Hodges” position=”Strategic Network Planner” company=”Latcham Direct” photo=”http://www.votesforcontests.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/20-150×150.jpg”]May I add that the reason I prefer votes for contests and why I recommend you to business colleagues and personal friends is that you offer a genuinely friendly, helpful service and – shock of shocks in this impersonal e-world – actually reply to emails! (on a Saturday evening!!!) and will even answer the phone and explain things patiently… even to us e-newbys. Your level of service is superb, rare and genuine. Please don’t change! No need to reply… just a quick compliment on a wet Sunday morning! Hope to do business with you again.[/testimonial][testimonial title=”Ronald Kent” position=”Personal Trainer” company=”Ironwell Companion” photo=”http://www.votesforcontests.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/18-150×150.jpg”]I can’t remember when I last sent a commendation to a company, but I have just been so impressed that I feel that it’s due. From start to finish your service has been more than excellent. The phone is answered immediately and everybody I have dealt with has been friendly, professional and on-the-ball whether the issue has been sales, technical or invoicing. Any problem which has cropped up has been dealt with immediately. I have had dealings with all sorts of companies on the Net and I can say without a doubt that you people are outstanding. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and whenever i need any type of voting service you can be sure yours is the company I’ll choose![/testimonial][testimonial title=”Federico Bertolani” position=”dj & Producer” company=”Nameless Official ” photo=”http://www.votesforcontests.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/14-150×150.jpg”]I just wanted to send a note to say that I am continually impressed by the excellent service that votes for contest provides. The few times I have requested support from you guys it has been fast and efficient. It makes a pleasant change to deal with a company that takes pride in providing a first class service. I have no problems at all recommending your company. Keep up the good work and thanks for all your help so far.[/testimonial][testimonial title=”Lara Jaber” position=”Fashion Designer” company=”Glimpse Creative Design & Print Ltd” photo=”http://www.votesforcontests.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/15-150×150.jpg”]Support Executive Ashley Wright is a wonderful asset to votes for contests. she took time out to research on my behalf and then helped me win my contest in just 2 days . Ashley’s knowledge of her services and ability to match these to our needs certainly made a big difference when compared to other sales people i’ve encountered . She was pleasure to do business with . I will tell all my colleagues, networks and friends to Votes For Contests . Thanks Ashley[/testimonial][/testimonialgroup][button color=”btn-default” link=”http://votesforcontests.com/testimonials/” icon=”fa-thumbs-up” target=”_blank” ]More Client Testimonials [/button][/well]
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We Respect privacy of our clients and buyers . All The Information &  Data you give us is kept as a top secret and is NOT revealed to any third parties at any cost .  We Don’t need to speak , our clients speak about us.

[/tab][tab title=”Powerful Support ” icon=”fa-ambulance”]

We are backed up by a highly efficient team .The credit for all our success and growth in the past 7 years goes to the working team , the support staff , the live chat agents and operators !

Its because of these guys we are able to provide the best service to all our clients day in and day out .

[/tab][tab title=”Best Response Time” icon=”fa-undo”]

We have the best turnaround time . We reply to all the emails , calls , texts ,  live chat inquiries , online and offline messages as soon as possible .

Our Support Team Is online 24 x 7 to help you out whenever you need them .

[/tab][tab title=”Any Type Of Voting” icon=”fa-puzzle-piece”]We can handle almost 99% of the voting platforms.
Country Specific voting , Ip Based Voting , Real Email Registration And Confirmation Voting , Facebook Voting , Comments Based Voting , photo likes , Video Views , Single Click ..Etc Etc . We specialize In Facebook Application Votes & Single Click Unique Ip Based Votes .[/tab][/tabgroup][/well]

[well anim=”fadeInUpBig” class=”services-section” boxbg=”http://votesforcontests.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/vfc123.jpg” ][row][tblock title=”Most Popular Products”/][one_third][tblock title=”Facebook Application Votes”/][iconbox link=”http://votesforcontests.net/store#!/100-Facebook-Application-Votes/p/39616700/category=10388174″ icon=”fa-facebook”/][/one_third][one_third][tblock title=”Email Registration + Verification Votes”/][iconbox link=”http://votesforcontests.net/store#!/100-Email-Registration-Votes/p/39640277/category=10388509″ icon=”fa-envelope”/][/one_third][one_third][tblock title=”Single Click IP Based Voting”/][iconbox link=”http://votesforcontests.net/store#!/100-Single-Click-IP-Based-Votes/p/46768637/category=10388509″ icon=”fa-hand-o-up”/][/one_third][/row][/well]

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Contact Us

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